Crop Production

Pure feed crop in the plain of Kato Apostoli Kilkis!

The vertically integrated control over all stages of the chain from field to shelf, is the only way to ensure the highest quality of Koukakis Farm dairy products.

In the valley of Kato Apostoli in Kilkis, we cultivate durum and soft wheat, oats, barley, alfalfa, cardoon. Fields are prepared by summer, immediately after the harvest of the previous growing season, in order to build the conditions for successful new production.

The improvement of the fields requires soil analysis and fertilization with zeolite and digested manure which comes from the company’s privately owned farms. In this way, we avoid deterioration of groundwater.

The seeding of the fields begins every autumn with our own fleet of equipment and skilled personnel. In conventional farming, the application of fertilizer takes place, with modern machinery, to ensure the implementation of only the necessary amount of fertilizer. High quality certified seeds sowing will follow. Each summer, threshing and harvesting of the fields with grain and harvested forage plants takes place with the fully equipped fleet of Koukakis Farm machinery, achieving higher quality agricultural products, which in turn will create high-value animal feed.

In the context of integrated crop production, agro-1 and agro-2 standards, which are implemented by the family business, the further objectives of the company are ensured:

  • Reduction of environmental pollution
  • Burden reduction of human health, producer’s and consumer’s of the product
  • Production of high quality agricultural products