Koukakis Farm at Anuga 2019

  • Koukakis Farm at Anuga 2019
  • Koukakis Farm at Anuga 2019

Koukakis Farm participated in Anuga 2019, held in Cologne on 5 – 9 October, along with 7.590 companies from 105 countries. Visitors’ number exceeded 170.000 people from 200 countries around the globe.

Numerous trade visitors from the retail, wholesale and HORECA channels visited Koukakis Farm stand. Among them were most of Koukakis Farm business partners from 22 European & Asian countries, which had the opportunity to discuss with company executives and keep up to date on new investments and new product developments.

During Anuga 2019, Koukakis Farm presented its new product 'Kefir with Stevia, exotic and citrus fruits' to the international public for the first time. The product was created to satisfy modern consumers’ need for Health & Wellness and Indulgence & Pleasure in their nutrition.

Koukakis Farm received the most positive comments on its full range of export products, the elegant stand, the excellent organization and service, and above all on the adherence to production of top quality dairy.